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Tenants won't need to put down a security deposit while moving-in. PerfectPayRent will guarantee the deposit for the Landlord on behalf of the Tenant.

Cashless Security Deposits

PerfectPayRent placed a Tenant legal liability insurance group policy with ePremium to cover a tenant's legal liability and contents.

Tenant Legal Liability Insurance

PerfectPayRent will report Tenant rent payments to major credit agencies to help them build their credit scores.

Credit Building

If a Tenant experiences a cash flow problem,  PerfectPayRent will assist them with paying one month's rent while they will have three months to pay PerfectPayRent back.

Rent Advance

If a Tenant needs a little extra time, PerfectPayRent will assist them with paying one month's rent while they will have three weeks to pay PerfectPayRent back.

Rent Deferral

In case a Tenant experiences an involuntary loss of income.  PerfectPayRent will pay the rent on behalf of the Tenant for up to three months, no repayment from Tenant is required.

Loss of Income

PerfectPayRent Tenant Services FAQs*

  • Landlords renting with PerfectPayRent waive security deposit requirements, offering malicious tenant damage recovery, covering up to one month's rent. This service, outlined in our Tenant Services Agreement, is cost-free. To waive paying the security deposit, you need to be a participating tenant via the PerfectPayRent Platform, and both you and your landlord must be registered, and approval is required.

  • You can receive the Cashless Security Deposit once per lease term as outlined in your Tenant Service Agreement. For renewal, employment or a contract during specific times is required. If we covered malicious tenant damage loss, another Cashless Security Deposit isn't available.

  • Continued difficulties may lead to eviction if you fail to meet obligations. Additional fees and costs per the Tenant Service Agreement and lease terms may apply. Seeking assistance for alternative solutions is advised.

  • Contact our Customer Success Admin Team through the PerfectPayRent Platform, providing details. They will guide you through the process seamlessly.

A rent payment platform that fits your needs perfectly! 

Notice and Disclaimer*

The information provided in this FAQ is for informational purposes only. If there are any discrepancies between the content of the FAQ and the terms and conditions outlined in the Tenant Services Agreement, the latter shall prevail. The Tenant Services Agreement governs the relationship between the parties, and any conflicting information in the FAQ is superseded by the specific terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

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