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PerfectPayRent LLC is a digital rent payment platform offering renting partnerships and providing services, with guaranteed on-time rent payments and malicious tenant damage recovery payment guarantees to landlords and comprehensive services and rent assistance to tenants, please review our legal and regulatory notice below.

PerfectPayRent's services, as detailed in our Landlord and Tenant Services Agreements, may be subject to legal restrictions or regulations in certain geographic areas. In the event that our service provisions conflict with local laws or regulations in your area, those services may not be available. PerfectPayRent LLC is committed to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and we advise individuals to be aware of and adhere to the legal requirements in their respective locations. PerfectPayRent LLC does not guarantee the availability of its services in areas where they may be restricted or prohibited by law.

We emphasize our commitment to transparency and recommend individuals and entities exercise due diligence by consulting with legal professionals, licensed insurance professionals, and other qualified third parties before entering into any service agreements with us. Your understanding and adherence to these principles contribute to a clearer understanding of our services and ensure informed decision-making.

PerfectPayRent — Important Legal and Regulatory Notices

"Performance Bond Insurance Coverage Under the Landlord Services Agreement, Self Procured Directly by PerfectPayRent LLC through World Insurance LLC ("World"), a licensed insurance agency.

The Landlord Services Agreement is provided by PerfectPayRent LLC to a Landlord, and the provision of services is governed by specific terms, conditions, and exclusions, with availability varying by state.

PerfectPayRent LLC's directly self-procured performance bond insurance coverage for certain services relies on the exact terms, conditions, and policy exclusions outlined by the actual insurer. This coverage is specifically dedicated to PerfectPayRent LLC's obligation for guaranteed on-time rent payment in the event of late or missed rent and the guaranteed recovery of malicious damage costs. The performance bond excludes any other services specified in the Landlord Service Agreement.


If PerfectPayRent LLC is eligible for coverage under the performance bond coverage placed or underwritten by World, with performance bond policy coverage limits not exceeding the amount defined in the Landlord Services Agreement and the performance bond policy issued by the insurer to PerfectPayRent LLC. World operates as a general agent for various performance bond issuers, maintaining a minimum A.M. Best rating of "A- (Excellent)" or higher. In some states, non-admitted, excess/surplus line carriers that lack state licensing may underwrite performance bond insurance coverage.

PerfectPayRent LLC does not receive compensation from performance bond insurers for placements facilitated by World on behalf of PerfectPayRent LLC. For details regarding World's compensation, kindly reach out to World directly. If you are exploring alternative services or performance bond insurance options, we recommend consulting with another performance bond insurance producer.

Tenant Legal Liability Insurance coverage is a Group Product provided by ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC (“ePremium”), a licensed insurance agency.

Tenant Legal Liability Insurance coverage offered by PerfectPayRent as a complimentary service to tenants leasing with participating landlords with PerfectPayRent is subject to a Tenant Services Agreement, including terms and conditions, and exclusions, and coverage is contingent on the actual insurer's insurance policy terms, conditions, and exclusions. It may not be available in all states. Eligibility for tenant legal liability insurance coverage is subject to underwriting approval by ePremium and may not be offered to all entities, persons, or individuals. Tenants may secure complimentary coverage through insurance placed or underwritten by ePremium, and they can select a coverage limit exceeding the amount specified in their PerfectPayRent Tenant Services Agreement at their own expense. ePremium is a general agent for various insurance carriers, maintaining an A.M. Best rating of "A- (Excellent)" or higher. In certain states, insurance may be underwritten by a non-admitted, excess/surplus lines carrier not licensed in that state.


PerfectPayRent LLC will not receive compensation from insurers for insurance placements made by ePremium on behalf of PerfectPayRent LLC. For comprehensive information regarding ePremium compensation, please contact ePremium on the link provided at For more information about alternative renter insurance coverage options, it is advisable to consult another insurance producer.


ePremium disclosures – found on

Insurance products available through ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC may be underwritten by the following insurance companies or insurance companies affiliated with the identified groups: Spinnaker Insurance Company (Bedminster, NJ), Century National Insurance Company (Winston Salem, NC), Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company (Jacksonville, FL), Praetorian Insurance Company (New York City, NY), or Trisura Specialty Insurance Company (Oklahoma City, OK). Tenant Legal Liability Insurance is offered only through licensed insurers. Coverage may not be available in your state from all insurers represented by ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC.


ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC, a limited liability company organized under the laws of Ohio, is a licensed insurance producer in all states with a principal place of operation at 4770 Duke Drive, Suite 200, Mason, OH 45040 (NPN 9925625, CA license #OG66570, TX license #1549460). ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC does business under the following names: In NY dba – ePremium Insurance Agency LLC; In FL dba – ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC; In CA dba - ePremium IRIS Insurance Solutions, LLC. 

Coverage is available in all states and there's no individual underwriting it is a group product.

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