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Landlord Services FAQs*

Effortlessly collect your rent with our digital rent payment platform - all managed seamlessly.

Rent Collection Management

We Guarantee On-Time all rent payments are paid by the 4th business day after it's due, even if  tenant rent is late or in default.

Guaranteed On-Time Rent Payment

We co-guarantee all tenant rent payments for the term of your lease agreement.


For waiving a tenants deposit, we will guarantee and pay you up to one months rent if a tenant has malicously damaged you property.

  • PerfectPayRent ensures hassle-free rent payments for tenants, free of charge. Landlords benefit from transparent, fee-free rent tracking, with tenants securely paying through various methods. This commitment to transparency aligns with our Landlord Services Agreement, offering a seamless payment experience.

  • Tenants can set up automatic monthly payments, ensuring on-time payments by the 4th day after the due date. This convenience is part of our Landlord Services Agreement.

  • PerfectPayRent prioritizes privacy, employing encrypted payment systems and adhering to PCI compliance standards, ensuring the highest level of protection for financial data.

  • Currently facilitating ACH payments, with plans to integrate credit card payments and cash options through Western Union in the future.

  • Landlords can track payment status in real time through the user-friendly dashboard, providing instant access to the latest rent payment information.

  • The PerfectPayRent platform sends timely notifications to tenants, helping them stay organized and avoid late payments.

  • Digital receipts for rent payments are available in the PerfectPayRent platform, ensuring transparent and comprehensive transaction records.

A rent payment platform that fits your needs perfectly! 

Notice and Disclaimer*

The information provided in this FAQ is for informational purposes only. If there are any discrepancies between the content of the FAQ and the terms and conditions outlined in the Landlord Services Agreement, the latter shall prevail. The Landlord Services Agreement governs the relationship between the parties, and any conflicting information in the FAQ is superseded by the specific terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

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