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Transforming Communities

Changing the Way We Live

In the real estate industry where many discussions revolve around social and environmental concerns, PerfectPayRent LLC stands as a beacon of commitment to actively shape a more sustainable future.

In 2015, UN Member States collectively embraced seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, uniting in their pursuit to safeguard the health and well-being of both the planet and its inhabitants. Aligned with these UN objectives and recognizing the urgent need to attain them, Pensio Global embarked on a bold and unique action plan in 2023 to contribute significantly to these global aspirations.

To gauge our impact, we track key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the total number of enrolled tenants and the percentage of tenants in each property who have signed up for PerfectPayRent. This ensures that we not only reach a wide tenant base but also foster a sense of financial security and resilience within communities.

We care about people's economic situation.

Addressing a gap that remains unfulfilled elsewhere. In 2016, a staggering four billion people lacked any form of social protection. With our PerfectPayRent Services, tenants and their families are empowered with a safety net, offering support in the form of up to three months of rent in the event of an involuntary job loss. Additionally, they gain access to impactful services and rent assistance that will keep them living in their homes when dealing with challenges.

PPR provides social protection and safety nets unavailable anywhere else to tenants and families.

Decent work embodies opportunities for all to engage in productive endeavors, ensuring fair income, workplace security, and social protection for families. It also opens avenues for personal development and social integration. Persistent inadequacies in decent work opportunities, coupled with insufficient investments and under-consumption, erode the fundamental social contract of democratic societies—the principle that progress should be shared by all.

Why do we care about people finding decent jobs?

Through PerfectPayRent (PPR), our mission is to foster inclusive economic growth, creating decent jobs and elevating living standards. We aim to provide the ideal conditions for individuals to transition to quality employment by offering both time and opportunities. Our focus on skill development aligns with labor market demands, ensuring seamless integration while providing robust social protection. This dual approach not only supports individual success but also contributes to the overall economic well-being of communities.

With rent assistance for job loss and contract termination, tenants can take the time they need to find a new job.

Inclusive and sustainable apartment properties strategically located in tandem with industrialization growth form a powerful combination. When coupled with innovation and infrastructure development, these elements unleash dynamic and competitive economic forces. The result is the generation of employment and income that benefits both landlords and tenants. These properties play a pivotal role in introducing and promoting new technologies, facilitating international trade, and optimizing resource utilization. Consequently, they contribute significantly to economic growth, fostering an improvement in the standard of living for many individuals.

Why do we care about infrastructure?

Through our PPR program, we meticulously choose well-maintained apartments and properties, maximizing value for investment. We enhance this by introducing a comprehensive suite of assistance programs for both landlords and tenants, fostering innovative partnerships unparalleled elsewhere. This collective approach significantly contributes to the well-being of families and societies, creating a positive impact on communities.

With PPR we are innovating a new landlord-tenant partnership.

Inequality poses a significant threat to both long-term social and economic development, impeding poverty reduction and undermining people's sense of fulfillment and self-worth. This, in turn, can give rise to issues such as crime, disease, and environmental degradation. Achieving sustainable development and creating a better planet for all necessitate providing everyone with the opportunity for a better life. Even the wealthiest nations grapple with communities living in abject poverty, and the oldest democracies still contend with issues like racism, homophobia, transphobia, and religious intolerance. Global inequality affects us universally, transcending individual backgrounds and locations.

We care about inequality.

Life's uncertainties disproportionately impact a significant number of tenants who navigate their existence from one paycheck to the next, exposing them to the looming risk of inequality. In the event of eviction, the likelihood of maintaining their living standards diminishes significantly. This precarious situation can amplify inequalities rooted in various factors, including income, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, class, ethnicity, religion, and opportunities. Addressing these challenges becomes crucial for fostering a more equitable and just society.

With PPR we reduce inequalities resulting from financial strain, job loss or eviction factors.

The consequences of poorly planned urbanization have far-reaching impacts on every citizen, manifesting in unrest, insecurity, and pollution. Such conditions detrimentally affect the physical and mental health of individuals and subsequently impact workers' productivity, thereby influencing the overall economy. In our partnership with you and your landlord, we actively engage in the governance and management of the apartment you reside in. Advocating for the type of unit you deem necessary, we collaborate to develop a vision for your apartment, building, street, and neighborhood, and work towards realizing that vision. This ensures a proactive approach to enhancing the quality of living and fostering a sense of community well-being.

We care about sustainability.

Through the partnerships established with landlords and tenants, we prioritize the provision of quality, habitable apartment units. Our commitment to sustainability reflects a choice to contribute to the development of cities where every citizen enjoys a decent quality of life, actively participating in the city's productive dynamics. This approach fosters shared prosperity and social stability without compromising the environment, emphasizing the importance of responsible urban development.

With PPR we select properties to create an environment that is safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable.

Even the most advanced democracies grapple with significant hurdles in tackling corruption, crime, and human rights violations within their borders. Our commitment is to foster a secure and peaceful environment for our tenants, landlords, and the broader society. We actively promote inclusion and respect for individuals of diverse ethnic origins, religions, gender, sexual orientations, and varying opinions. Through collaborative efforts, we aspire to contribute to the enhancement of conditions that allow for a life of dignity for everyone.

We care about peace and strong institutions.

People worldwide should have the freedom to live without fear of any form of violence, feeling secure as they navigate their lives, regardless of their ethnicity, faith, or sexual orientation.

With PPR we promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development and make ourselves for both tenants and landlords.

ESG and Social Impact Statement

PerfectPayRent (PPR) proactively adapts to evolving client and market priorities by integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives into an actionable performance-based business strategy. PPR's integration into leasing and tenant management enables businesses to define and implement new ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), focusing on social metrics for a comprehensive view beyond financial indicators. Real-time monitoring of these metrics allows for accurate assessment and timely interventions, creating strategic alignments that not only meets stakeholder and investor expectations but should contribute to long-term enterprise value creation for your business while driving positive social ESG outcomes beyond immediate financial gains.

PerfectPayRent (PPR) ESG & Social Impact Statement

PPR's emphasis on social performance metrics ensures a holistic evaluation of the company's impact on communities, employees, and stakeholders, paving the way for the creation of impactful stakeholder value. This approach not only satisfies socially responsible investors but also positions the business as one prioritizing sustainability and ethics, enhancing its reputation and fostering stakeholder trust. In essence, PerfectPayRent's commitment goes beyond ESG compliance; it represents a strategic dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices for long-term success. Through real-time ESG KPIs and social performance metrics, PPR equips clients to navigate investor expectations while fostering positive societal and environmental impact.

PPR Commitment Goes Beyond ESG Compliance

For landlords, PPR offers the assurance of consistent and timely rent payments. We recognize the financial stability and predictability this brings to property owners, allowing them to invest confidently in their properties and communities. By minimizing the uncertainties associated with rent collection, PPR empowers landlords to focus on providing quality housing and enhancing the overall living experience for tenants.

Ensuring Timely Rent Payments for Landlords

At the heart of PPR's vision is the belief that every individual deserves access to safe and secure housing. We go beyond being a rent payment platform; we are a catalyst for positive change in the lives of tenants. Through our platform, tenants gain access to a range of social impact services designed to address housing access issues.

Empowering Tenants through Social Impact Services

PPR eliminates the need for traditional security deposits, reducing the financial burden on tenants during the initial stages of their lease. This innovative approach enhances housing affordability and accessibility, particularly for those facing economic challenges. By embracing cashless security deposits, PPR contributes to breaking down financial barriers to housing, making it more inclusive for a diverse range of individuals and families.

Cashless Security Deposits: A Step Towards Affordability

Life is unpredictable, and unexpected income loss or budgeting issues can impact a tenant's ability to pay rent. PPR recognizes these challenges and provides a safety net through rent assistance options. Our platform connects tenants with resources and support services to navigate temporary setbacks, ensuring that individuals and families can maintain stable housing even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Rent Assistance Options for Unexpected Challenges

PerfectPayRent is not just a transactional platform; it's a community-building tool. By fostering financial stability for landlords and providing a safety net for tenants, we contribute to the overall well-being of communities. We believe that a thriving community starts with stable and secure housing for all, and PPR is proud to be a part of the solution.

Building Stronger Communities Together

In choosing PerfectPayRent, landlords and tenants alike contribute to a positive social impact, helping build a future where housing is a source of stability, dignity, and empowerment for everyone.

Postive Impact

Our Tenant Services and Rent Assistance

Tenants won't need to put down a security deposit while moving-in. PerfectPayRent will guarantee the deposit for the Landlord on behalf of the Tenant.

Cashless Security Deposits

PerfectPayRent placed a Tenant legal liability insurance group policy with ePremium to cover a tenant's legal liability and contents.

Tenant Legal Liability Insurance

PerfectPayRent will report Tenant rent payments to major credit agencies to help them build their credit scores.

Credit Building

If a Tenant experiences a cash flow problem,  PerfectPayRent will assist them with paying one month's rent while they will have three months to pay PerfectPayRent back.

Rent Advance

If a Tenant needs a little extra time, PerfectPayRent will assist them with paying one month's rent while they will have three weeks to pay PerfectPayRent back.

Rent Deferral

In case a Tenant experiences an involuntary loss of income.  PerfectPayRent will pay the rent on behalf of the Tenant for up to three months, no repayment from Tenant is required.

Loss of Income

Our Impact on Dimension Objectives

PerfectPayRent (PPR) is dedicated to ensuring tenants have access to crucial social impact services and rent assistance options. Through innovative features such as cashless security deposits, PPR addresses housing access issues and provides support for unexpected income loss or budgeting challenges that may impact a tenant's ability to pay rent.

1. What - Ensuring Tenant Access to Social Impact Services

Primary stakeholders in the PerfectPayRent ecosystem are landlords and tenants. Landlords benefit from the assurance of on-time rent payments. Tenants gain access to social impact services. Additionally, the broader community and government services supporting the under-housed are beneficiaries of the positive impact facilitated by PPR.

2. Who - Stakeholders and Beneficiaries

To track the impact on primary stakeholders, PerfectPayRent will measure the following KPIs:

  • Percentage increase in on-time rent payments by tenants.

  • Utilization rate of social impact services by tenants.

  • Number of successful rent assistance interventions facilitated by PPR.

3. How Much - Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

PPR's contribution to social impact will be measured against statistical market averages to determine the depth of its impact over time. By comparing our KPIs to industry standards, we aim to showcase the positive influence PPR has on both landlords and tenants, setting a benchmark for improved housing stability.

4. Contribution - Benching Against Market Averages

PerfectPayRent was meticulously designed using actuarial underwriting and methodology to ensure a balanced product cost-to-risk ratio. All nine traditional impact risks have been considered in PPR's design and administration. This proactive approach enables quick reaction and potential pivoting throughout the platform's growth and evolution, ensuring sustained positive outcomes for stakeholders.

5. Risk - Actuarial Design and Comprehensive Risk Management

How Do We Measure Effectiveness

1. Default Reduction:

  • KPI: Percentage decrease in tenant default rates compared to market averages.

  • Measurement: Track the number of tenants using PPR and analyze their payment and delinquency performance. Compare these metrics against industry averages to showcase the positive impact on reducing defaults.

2. Eviction Reduction:

  • KPI: Percentage decrease in tenant evictions compared to market averages.

  • Measurement: Monitor instances of tenant default and subsequent eviction, comparing the outcomes for PPR users against industry averages. This KPI reflects the effectiveness of PPR in influencing tenant behavior and preventing evictions.

3. Rent Deposit Barriers:

  • KPI: Total dollars saved by tenants through cashless security deposits provided by PPR.

  • Measurement: Calculate the financial impact on tenants by determining the average cost of traditional security deposits. Track and report the cumulative savings generated by PPR's cashless security deposit feature.

4. Social Impact Goals:

These KPIs are designed to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of PPR in achieving its social impact goals related to residential stability and access to supportive services. Regularly monitoring and analyzing these KPIs will provide valuable insights into the tangible benefits PPR delivers to both tenants and landlords, as well as its broader impact on the rental market.

ESG and Social Impact Objectives

PerfectPayRent (PPR) is not merely a rent payment platform; it is a transformative force with a clear and compelling commitment to ESG & social impact. By aligning our objectives with the broader goals of fostering residential stability and providing access to supportive services, PPR has positioned itself as a catalyst for positive change in the housing landscape.

The impact dimensions, carefully identified and measured through key performance indicators (KPIs), reflect our dedication to financial stability, housing affordability, community well-being, market influence, risk mitigation, government and community support, and ongoing innovation. PPR's design ensures real-time monitoring of critical KPIs, allowing us to gauge the actual outcomes and effectiveness of our services.

Through initiatives such as default reduction, eviction reduction, and the removal of rent deposit barriers, PPR actively addresses pain points in the rental market, influencing tenant behavior and contributing to a more stable and accessible housing environment. The measured savings provided by our cashless security deposit feature demonstrate a tangible and meaningful financial impact on tenants.

As we continue to benchmark our performance against market averages, we are not only showcasing the positive influence of PPR but also setting a standard for industry excellence. The collaborative partnerships with government and community services further underscore our commitment to holistic and sustainable solutions.

In navigating the dynamic landscape of housing, PPR remains vigilant in its risk management strategies, ensuring adaptability and responsiveness to market changes. Our dedication to ongoing innovation reinforces our commitment to staying ahead of emerging challenges and evolving with the needs of our stakeholders.

In essence, the social impact objectives of PerfectPayRent extend far beyond transactional efficiency. We are actively contributing to the creation of stable, supportive, and inclusive communities. Through a combination of visionary design, rigorous measurement, and a commitment to continuous improvement, PPR is shaping a future where housing stability is a reality for all.

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