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PerfectPayRent is a rent payment app allowing Landlords and Tenants to have a stronger, more stable, and secure leasing partnership.

Leasing with PerfectPayRent means Landlords are guaranteed that their rent is paid on time every month and their Tenants have access to PerfectPayRent leasing incentives that improve Tenant satisfaction and provide solutions to help Tenants with unexpected income loss or budgeting issues that may affect their ability to pay rent.

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PerfectPayRent For Landlords

Discover why renting with PerfectPayRent services and rental income guarantees will make renting better for Landlords!


Rent Collection Cost

We collect the rent at no cost to the Landlord.


Security Deposit Guarantee

We guarantee security deposits for the Landlord.


On-Time Rent Payment App

We pay the Tenant's rent on time to the Landlord, even if rent is delayed or unpaid.


Renters Insurance

We will pay the Renters Insurance costs for the Tenant.


Rent Loss

We guarantee and pay any rent loss to the Landlord.



We provide rent payment solutions to the Tenant at our cost.


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PerfectPayRent For Tenants

Discover why renting with PerfectPayRent services and rent payment solutions will make renting better for Tenants!


Security Deposit Guarantee

We guarantee the Tenant's security deposit, no need for cash deposits to rent.


Involuntary Income Loss

We may pay the Tenant's rent for up to three months for involuntary income loss, and the Tenant will not have to pay us back and protect their credit score.


Rent Deferral

We may defer the Tenant's rent for up to three weeks if our help is needed to pay the rent to protect their credit score.


Renters Insurance

We pay the Tenant's Renters Insurance cost to protect their belongings so the Tenant can manage their rent budget.


Rent Advance

We may advance the Tenant one month's rent for up to three months if our help is needed to pay the rent and to protect their credit score.


Credit Building

We will report the Tenant’s rent payment to credit agencies so the Tenant can protect and build  their credit score.

Who is PerfectPayRent?

Strength of our Services and Guarantees 

PerfectPayRent product services and guarantees are not insurance. PerfectPayRent Product Managers have directly self-procured and secured their guaranteed obligations from A-rated global insurers.

Services and Guarantees 

PerfectPayRent services and guarantees can eliminate significant risks associated with market uncertainties.

Our Experience

PerfectPayRent is a risk services and management company specializing in tailoring and underwriting risk product services and guarantees for the marketplace with over 19 years of experience.

Unique Solutions

Every transaction faces its own unique challenges. Let us know your situation, and the Team can help determine what product services and guarantees may be the right solution for you.

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Landlords can contact PerfectPayRent for a consultation

Pensio Global Canada

You can access PerfectPayRent services and guaranteed products in Canada by contacting Pensio directly. 

World Insurance Associates LLC

Kishan Alexander, SVP New Business

You can access PerfectPayRent services and guaranteed products in the United States by contacting a licensed insurance producer.

Gallagher Insurance

Tom Delark, Area Senior VP

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